Lake LBJ has more to offer than just fun in the sun.  The Horseshoe Bay Resort is home to 4 of central Texas’ premier golf courses with Apple Rock, Ram Rock, Slick Rock and Summit Rock.  This golfer’s dream sets the Horseshoe Bay resort and Lake LBJ apart from other waterfront communities in Texas.

1) Apple Rock is Situated in high, rocky terrain, with incredible views of beautiful Lake LBJ.  Spanning over 147 acres of rolling, Texas hill country, this course was completed in 1986 and received Golf Digest’s “Best New Resort Course”.

-Par 72

-Rated 75.4

-Slope 136

-Four sets of tees include: Championship, regular, executive, ladies

2) Ram Rock, known as the “Challenger” is known for its narrow fairways, deep bunkers and multiple water hazards.  Ram Rock received a 4.5 star rating from Golf Digest and was named one of the top 15 courses in the state of Texas.

-Par 71

-Rated 72.8

-Slope 131

-Four sets of tees: Championship, regular, executive, ladies





3) Slick Rock spans over 180 acres and providing the beautiful landscape for 33,700 feet of golf frontage property in Horseshoe Bay.  With more than 71 sand traps and 12 water hazards, this course was designed with Robert Trent Jones, Sr.’s philosophy of “hard par, easy bogey”.

-Par 72

-Rated: 72.8

-Slope 131

Four sets of tees: Championship, Regular, Ladies #1, Ladies #2


4)  Summit Rock is Horseshoe Bay’s newest, designed by Jack Nicklaus.  This beautiful course has panoramic views in a unique Texas hill country setting and providing holes for players of all skill levels.

The Horseshoe Bay resort also offers one of the most unique putting course ever constructed.  Whitewater Putting Course was designed to replicate a true 18-hole regulation course and is fully equipped with fairways, bunkers, water hazards and fine putting surfaces but played entirely with a putter.  This course is located adjacent to the hotel and is available for day and night use.

Down the road from the Horshoe Bay resort you will find the newest addition to the Lake LBJ golf community in Escondido, a private golf masterpiece designed by Tom Fazio.  The Dallas Morning News named Escondido “The Best New Course in Texas” due to its dramatic terrain, natural waterways and beautiful live oak trees.

Outside of Horseshoe Bay you will find the Legends Golf Course which is a par 72 course designed by Tom Kite, Roy Bechtol and Randy Russell.  This course spans over 200 acres with many holes offering views of Lake LBJ and is one of the finest golf courses central Texas has to offer.

For more information on these golf courses, or for information on Lake LBJ real estate, contact us today at (512) 786-1515.




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The answer is yes!  The LCRA recommends flood insurance for any property located in any elevation up to the 500 year flood plain.  When purchasing a waterfront home on Lake LBJ, Lake Austin or Lake Travis, your lender will require flood insurance on the structure to secure a loan.  Flood insurance premiums can range anywhere from 800-8000+ on an annual basis depending on the property location as well as the amount of living space built within the flood plain.

Often times you will see many waterfront home that have multiple levels with the bottom levels having large “bedrooms” that lack closets.  You see this because FEMA only considers bedrooms with closets to be “living space”.  I recently sold a home at 126 N Waterway that had a large living area and two large “bedrooms” and a bathroom on the bottom level.  The main living area and three more bedrooms  were all on the second level.  When we originally quoted the flood insurance premium it came back at approximately $8000/year.  However you will typically find that the flood insurance comes in much less at around $1000/year.  Once we went back to the underwriter and showed him that the downstairs rooms did not have any closets they reduced the flood insurance premium to approximately $800/year.  As you can see, this is a big range and can make a big difference in the holding costs associated with waterfront real estate on Lake LBJ, Lake Travis, or Lake Austin.

In order to determine where your property sits in relation to the flood plain you will need to obtain an elevation certificate.  Elevation certificates typically run approximately $400.  FEMA, just recently adopted a new flood plain elevation which raised the flood plain from 716 ft above main sea level to 722 ft.  FEMA will insure up to $250,000 of actual structure in the floodplain.  It is not necessary to have insurance on the actual land itself as the building is the only portion at risk.  As a seller, you may not have been previously required to obtain flood insurance on your property.  As it is now a requirement it is very important to know and understand these requirements and factor this in when determining your sales price of your home.

Property in the flood plain is not something to avoid as all property on the water sits within the flood zone but understanding the risks associated when flooding occurs and making sure that your waterfront home is constructed in a way that mitigates flood risk is key.   Your lakefront real estate professional should be able to assist you with this aspect of your waterfront home.

Below area few quick tips to help you prepare and mitigate flood risk:

-Elevate the furnace, water heater, and electric panel if susceptible to flooding

-Install “check valves” in sewer traps to prevent floodwater from backing up into the drains of your home.

-Seal the walls in your basement with waterproofing compounds to avoid seepage.

For more information about flood insurance you can visit the FEMA website or the LCRA’s website.   For assistance purchasing or selling Lake Austin real estate, Lake LBJ real estate or Lake Travis real estate, contact me today at (512) 786-1515

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When buying a waterfront home on Lake LBJ here is an important factor to remember.  A septic system inspection is required for the sale of any property that has an OSSF (on-site sewer facility) within the LCRA’s jurisdiction.  This includes any Lake Austin real estate, Lake Travis real estate or Lake LBJ real estate that has a septic system on property.  The new owner of the property must obtain approval for the continued use to legally operate the OSSF.  Some paperwork must be filled out and filed with the LCRA for the inspections.  There is a fee associated with this of $150 for processing.  It usually takes approximately 48 hours for the application to be approved and then the septic inspection can be performed.  Typically a septic inspection should run approximately $400.  There may also be some retrofitting required which may include the installation of low-flow toilets, shower heads and faucet aerators for improved efficiency and to minimize the amount of waste water that is discharged.

The associated cost for septic inspections is an item that is negotiated between the buyer and the seller.  Working with a knowledgeable real estate agent on Lake LBJ will ensure that this is taken care of timely and accordingly.  Once the inspection is complete there will be a re-inspection report provided by the LCRA that must be given to the buyers along with an approval letter from the LCRA.  The new property owners will use form 1100 to transfer the record and approval into their name.  It should be noted that these inspections are required on all transfers of ownership, including inheritance.

For more information on septic inspections on Lake LBJ you can visit the FAQ provided by the LCRA.  For assistance with your Lake LBJ waterfront home search or for more information on Lake LBJ real estate contact me today at (512) 786-1515

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My clients closed, last week, on a great property in Granite Shoals located at 414 S. Shorewood.  The property was originally listed at $609,900 and was closed for $559,000.  This home offers 2272 sq ft of open living space on a nice sized lot with approximately 50 ft of open water front.  The home is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath that has been recently updated and well kept by its original owners who built the home in 1995.

My clients are very happy, and rightfully so, with their purchase for many reasons:

1) Relatively low amount of waterfront will help keep tax burden to a minimum as the Burnet County appraisal district heavily weights waterfront footage in their appraisals.

2) The home has a very open floor plan that features a large living area that is connected with the dining room and kitchen leaving plenty of room for family fun and entertaining.

3)  This home actually came with an additional lot located directly across the street from this home that features a very large 2 car garage and plenty of room for overflow parking.  Parking can be a killer on many parts of the lake.

4) The lake bottom in front of this home has a nice texture and is composed of mostly sand/rock.  Many buyers fail to check this aspect of a lake front property but slimy lake bottom can keep you out of the water.

My clients plan to rebuild the existing boat house very soon adding a rooftop deck above the structure for added outdoor living space and to take advantage of the open water view.  At 559,000 it was hard to let this property pass.  The quality of construction, metal roof for low maintenance, and location made this an easy decision for my out of town waterfront buyers.  Of course it did not hurt that the seller’s of this property are Aggies and my clients are as well!  Only in Texas!

For more information about this open waterfront property in Granite Shoals or for assistance searching for Lake LBJ real estate, contact me today at (512) 786-1515

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My clients just recently closed on this home on Lake LBJ just inside of Kingsland but on the main body of the lake.  What a deal they got!  Originally listed for 655,000 this home was built in 2005 and offers 2383 sq ft of living space with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths with a study and 50 ft of open water.  My clients actually purchased for $525,000 after it had sat on the market for 184 days. To put this in perspective this home was purchased for 220.31/ft.  Last month I sold a property 7 homes down from this one for $282.25/ft.  Now keep in mind that the home I sold was bigger and bigger homes typically sell for less $/sq ft.

Why were they able to buy this property so right?

There are a number of reasons why this property sat on the market giving us the opportunity to buy it so cheap.  The photographs used to market this property did not adequetly depict the space and its magnificence. With so many transactions starting on the internet poor photos will limit the amount of web traffic a property receives.  The home has a very large boat house but there is no roof top deck over the boat house which means this home has very limited outdoor space.  If I was listing the property I would have gotten bids and maybe a simple rendering to show what could be built on top.  This small addition, is one that my clients are doing and will greatly increase the resale value and appeal of this home.

In my opinion, another reason this home sat on the market is that it was not marketed through enough channels.  This home was such a good deal and as soon as I found out about it I contacted my client and we submitted an offer within hours.  The problem was it took 6 months for me to find out about it.  Today’s real estate market is very different in that agents must actually get creative when marketing property.  Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Midland and Odessa are all cities that are very close by where potential buyers could come from.  As a member of three real estate boards, I never received any sort of cross region marketing emails letting me know about the property.  The property was only listed in the local MLS making it very tough for out of town real estate agents to find.

These opportunities are available everywhere on Lake LBJ.  Activity has been slow this year and many listing agents are not using the latest trends and techniques to market real estate.  Failure to adapt to the changing environment has left money on the table.  This is a great news for active buyers looking for good deal on Lake LBJ waterfront.  With interest rates at record lows, turmoil in the US economy and many elder folks whose retirement planning did not pan out as expected, have created an ideal scenario for waterfront buyers on Lake LBJ.

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities available with Lake LBJ real estate or for assistance finding a waterfront home on Lake LBJ, contact me today at (512) 786-1515






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This is by far the finest piece of waterfront property I have ever seen on Lake LBJ and maybe even in Texas!  The address, 1 Legacy Drive, gives a good clue as to what this property has to offer.  If you have ever been on the water on Lake LBJ then you have seen this incredible property.  From far away, it looks like an outdated, ex-move star pad in need of some major TLC but as you approach the property you soon realize that this property is in fact so much more than that and only a dream to most.

1 Legacy Drive is it’s own private island in Horseshoe Bay accessed of of Hwy 2147 just before the main entrance to the resort.  Sitting on approximately .86 acres, this nearly 6000 sq ft masterpiece is surrounded by 900 ft of waterfront.  An up close encounter shows the eye that this home is constructed of beautiful imported lava rock and unique in that it is the only property that is built right out onto the lake.  In fact, the outdoor terraces off the front of the home are actually built over the water.

The interior of this 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath estate is just as impressive as the exterior.  A very open floor plan that truly utilizes the shape and spectacular aspects of the actual property offering panoramic waterfront views from most areas within the home.  The ceilings of the home are constructed from wood with the walls being made of rock giving this home a very rustic and unique decor.  The kitchen is nothing short of the finest with luxury appliances, beautiful, ivory counter tops and an open shape connecting it to the other common areas in this home; an entertainers dream!  Don’t overlook the heated rock floors or the revolving  living room!

As you step outside you will soon notice you are nestled away in a very private resort of your own.  A negative edge pool and hot tub sits on one side of the property while a private beach front and swimming areas takes up the opposite side.  Lush gardens and landscape give this property the perfect ambiance and provide the privacy anyone could ask for.  Words cannot explain how magnificnent this home really is.  There is also a separate guest quarters on the property.

In my opinion this is one of the most unique homes available anywhere and the actual property itself is one of a kind.  I see this property selling to someone that really appreciates exclusive real estate and wants to add a special piece of Horseshoe Bay to their portfolio.  This home was built by Norman Hurd, one of the original owners of Horseshoe Bay.  The current owners have owned the property for the last 11 years.

As a child, I always saw this property and wondered who owned it and what it looks like inside.  The ideas I had in my head were so far off of what this property actually is.  This truly is a special piece of real estate that only comes available for purchase once in a lifetime.  This is, by far, the best piece of property on Lake LBJ!

For more information about, this home,  Lake LBJ waterfront property or real estate on Lake LBJ contact me at (512) 786-1515.  You can view more pictures and information on this spectacular Horseshoe Bay estate by clicking the link below!























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